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Gambling in North Carolina is generally prohibited.  North Carolina permits sweepstakes as a tool for businesses to

promote and market the sale of their goods and services.

Sweepstakes are permissible in North Caroline under the gaming statute 14-306.4.

Gift Surplus promotional coupon system, Sheriff Robbie Holland Stated:

"As I have stated in the past, we have nothing to gain by the outcome of any case involving poker machines except the

fact that we did our job when we acted upon a citizen's complaint, Said Holland.  "The complaints have been

investigated and after conferring with the District Attorney's office, the decision was made to prosecute.  The problem,

how I see it, is that members of our legislature have created laws that are so vague, that law enforcement and judges

from across the state appear to differ by what is legal and what is not."

November 18th, 2014, Raleigh North Carolina Judge Wanda Bryant stated this:  "The video games offered at their location revealed a prize that didn’t depend on any skill or dexterity".  Judge Wanda Bryant wrote for the court. 
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 Judge Wanda Bryant used the no skill reasoning to convict the defendants

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